Chairman's Desk

Mr. Harpreet Singh

From Chairman's Desk

Dear Parents

I deem it as a privilege and honour of heading our institution in its infancy stage. We wish to start our new session by setting up new targets and seeking the blessings of the almighty in this noble endeavor. Each one of us want to see our children to be successful, happy and loved. We as parents want to see them doing something great in life. It's the most auspicious time when each one of us enters the arena of a school with a new hope or a dream. Our dreams will take shape if we are focused and fill our minds with positive attitude and thoughts towards a change. As is well said, Good thoughts reap good actions, good actions result in good habits and good habits once formed pave a way for good character. Our good character is the foundation of our personality and destiny. As all of us run the race of life- we are sure to find the obstacles in our path but do not think faith is unkind. Obstacles are there to test our strength and prove our skills. We can overcome that if we have the will. Jointly we can deal with them courageously and carefully and steadfast to achieve our goals.

As the child grows with us and with the help of teachers and parents, we will surely see how these values take root in the hearts of young minds and blossom into a garden. Learn to love and give, to cheer and share, to hope and wonder and to grow to be a fine human being. As we go along in the journey of learning for life, I hope all your aspirations for children are realized by using right way of being, thinking and doing. I wish to see each individual associated with us as a part and parcel of social renaissance where our children feel confident to face the fast changing world around and spread the fragrance of love and tolerance. Above all they should feel good about themselves as young citizens of a wonderful country that is one of the world's oldest and richest cultures.

So, you all are solemnly welcome to choose us for aspiring child prodigies..