Pre Nursery Wing

Pre-Primary Wing is the Most Attractive and joyful part of the Campus

Pre-Primary wing has air conditioned class rooms where children are encouraged to observe, explore and absorb form varied, rich and stimulating environment. Classrooms are colorful and attractive equipped with play equipment and teaching aids. We follow a child - centric approach with innovative teaching learning methodologies to enhance the overall personality development of the child.

Pre Primary

Children are encouraged to explore their surrounding world and environment.


Children are also introduced to alphabetical and mathematical concepts.


Play-based activities can be used as learning opportunities to promote interactions

Children are given every opportunity to develop their full potential appropriate to his/her age. This happens by encouraging each child's natural urge to explore and absorb impressions from a rich and stimulating environment which is provided through natural surroundings and the contrived situations and activities in an innovative approach.

We believe that learning for Life is to be directly experienced, enjoyed and loved. Concepts to be discovered , assimilated and internalized. Thus leading to a positive attitude towards life.

Pre- Primary Years are a period of rapid physical and mental growth, Reading, writing, figures and facts follow in nature flow of day to day activities.